Greater Lincolnshire’s wide and varied landscapes offer the perfect setting to lead the charge with green energy within the low carbon industry. The region’s extensive coastline offers excellent conditions for offshore windfarms, and the rural agricultural areas offer the creation of energy from waste wood, energy crops, straw, poultry and food waste, and Anaerobic Digestion. The sector employs over 3,100 people in Greater Lincolnshire which includes business development in low carbon construction and in low energy homes technology too. The rapid growth in low carbon electricity production and the plans to transform industry in the Humber area to low or net zero carbon offers exciting career prospects within this sector.

Low Carbon and Energy

Current estimates suggest that around 3,100 people and 150 companies across Greater Lincolnshire work or are engaged in this sector (often referred to as low carbon or environmental technologies) across a wide range of activities, from installers of solar PV panels to plastics recycling and manufacturers of electric car batteries. However, due to the fact that many activities taking place within this sector are relatively new, or form part of other activities (such as agriculture, engineering, transport, or construction), this reflects a very small proportion of the overall activity that is currently taking place and it is expected to grow rapidly.

To the north, Grimsby is now a world leading centre for operations and maintenance activities for offshore wind farms in the North Sea, with the potential to serve others across the UK. Companies in the Humber region, such as Orsted, RES and Siemens now service 8 wind farms, including the world’s largest – Hornsea 2, with two more in construction and a further five in development. Over 10,000 new jobs are expected to be created in this sector in the Humber alone by 2030.

In the northern part of Greater Lincolnshire, along the whole of the south Humber bank, there is also a broad corridor of low carbon energy activity taking place, developing Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) and hydrogen projects to transform the industrial sites to low carbon and net zero production. This “industrial decarbonisation” is expected to generate thousands of jobs over the next ten years, with skills such as welding, pipe-fitting and mechanical engineering particularly in demand.  

Across the more rural areas of Greater Lincolnshire, the low carbon and energy economy is centred around the creation of energy and heat from waste wood, energy crops, straw, poultry and food waste, and Anaerobic Digestion and this sector is also growing. Interest in how to use our natural environments to increase biodiversity and carbon capture, and manage flood risk, is growing and in the rural areas of Greater Lincolnshire this is expected to be an area where career opportunities increase over the coming years.

The scale of housing to be brought forward in Greater Lincolnshire offers opportunities for business development in low carbon construction and in low energy homes technology. In addition, the need to retrofit existing homes and businesses to move away from fossil fuel heating and energy is creating a rapidly growing need for specialist assessors and installers in insulation, heat pumps and solar PV panels. It is estimated that retrofitting homes and businesses will take at least 30 years to complete, so this area offers long-term career opportunities.




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Just a few of the employers operating in LOW CARBON


Established in 1988 the Gelder Group is a multi-award winning construction company. Dedicated teams offer our clients a wealth of building experience in education, health, retail, insurance, leisure, residential & commercial building projects.

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Ørsted is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. Headquartered in Denmark, we have around 6,700 employees which inludes over 850 in the UK.

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Gusto Homes

Gusto Homes has been a leading brand in the regional house-building scene for the last 25-years, with a well-earned reputation for the style and quality of the homes it builds, and for its innovative approach to the design of energy efficient new dwellings.

Countryside North,Low Carbon,Construction

Vertivore Farm

Vertivore produces high quality, year-round salads, herbs and plants. All our produce is home grown in our vertical farm which strictly controls its environment using LED lighting technology and a climate controlled system..

Agri-Food,Low Carbon

Metsä Wood

Metsä Wood employs over 1,400 people!

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Northern Powergrid

We appreciate that you are the future of our business. We want you to grow, to be challenged, and to succeed.

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